How Do You PSL?  There’s So Many Uses for The PSL

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Throughout the PSL journey, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with customers from all walks of life who have found unique uses for our innovative little light. While a person may have sought out our product for a specific purpose, time and time again we’ve heard how our customers have loved using our light in a variety of settings, sometimes in ways they never expected. Modern consumers are evaluating products, and weighing out their options prior to making a purchase with a more discerning eye than ever before. In light of the recent economic climate, and a growing focus on minimalism and sustainability, shoppers are seeking high-quality items that will stand the test of time rather disposable items that need replacing soon after bringing them home. We designed the PSL with these tenets in mind, and we are proud to have created a utilitarian item that is easy to use in many different types of circumstances.  We know the PSL will work just as hard as you do, and we welcome feedback from customers who have put this light to the test in new and exciting ways.

Versatility and Utility

Imagine, if you will, a day in the life of the PSL. This solar-powered light is currently being used all across the globe in scenarios from emergency situations to whitewater rafting trips, and this incredible versatility is what sets the PSL apart from other solar devices on the market today. Its lightweight, hardworking design means that it is easy to pack and can put up with all types of climates. Just a few of the many ways that the PSL is lighting up our customers’ days are listed below:
  • In times of emergency as a signaling device
  • During power outages as a backup light source
  • In disaster situations as a survival tool
  • During camping and hiking trips under the stars
  • On the water for rafting, boating, sailing, and canoeing trips
  • To illuminate areas of the home without a light source (closets, sheds, etc.)
  • In the backyard as a garden, deck, or patio light

Reliability and Sustainability

If you’re someone that cares about preserving and protecting the natural environment, you probably cringe when you think about what happens to all those batteries that wind up in the landfill. With the PSL you can rely on a light source that will shine when you need it, and only requires renewable solar energy to recharge. With a seemingly endless list of applications, you can be confident that with the PSL you’ll have a backup light source that is a responsible, sustainable choice for years to come.