Be Prepared For An Emergency Like Power Grid Failure

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Waking up an hour late I realize the alarm didn’t go off this morning; I guess I forgot to set it. But the clock on my half-charged cell phone tells me it’s almost seven, time to get moving. In the darkness I shuffle towards the kitchen, praying we aren’t out of coffee. My feet hit the linoleum, and I reach for that familiar switch on the wall to turn on the lights. Nothing, the power is out yet again. This never used to happen, but lately, we’ve been losing power once a week. My cell phone, now at 10% battery tells me two hours have gone by, then four. I turn on my battery-powered radio, and the emergency broadcasting network confirms what I have always feared, the power grid has been attacked. With a sinking feeling, I imagine what’s to come. This is a national disaster, and we will likely be without power for days, weeks, months, who knows how long. Never one to worry needlessly, I had luckily prepared a disaster kit and hoped I would never need it. I retrieve it from its spot underneath the stairs and begin unpacking the contents while I still have daylight.

Not if, but when

The sad truth is that the above scenario could happen at any time. USA Today reports that once every four days, part of the nation’s power grid, a system whose failure could leave millions in the dark, is struck by a cyber or physical attack. Our power grid is long overdue for a major failure, and leading experts agree that it is only a matter of time until we are met with a significant compromise. Our intelligence agencies are reporting an increase in threats that could disable our nation’s power source. Terrorists know that a country without power is a nation in chaos, and a prime target in a weakened state. Our infrastructure is in a tragic state of disrepair, and the power grid is no exception.

Are you prepared?

As our vulnerability looms on the horizon, you may wonder what steps you can take to help you and your family survive in the event of a major power failure. So what can you do to stay safe when the lights go out? Leading experts recommend stockpiling a two-week nonperishable food supply, several jugs of water, and a plan for eating and sanitation that has been communicated to every member of the household. They also recommend a portable light source be placed in every room. But remember, your flashlight’s batteries will eventually fail, rendering them useless in a time of crisis. Without a reliable light source, you and your family will be without a critical survival element. To prevent this from happening to you, we recommend including a Portable Solar Light (PSL) in your disaster planning efforts. This small, durable device operates without the need for batteries or chargers, and can be fully recharged with only the power of the sun. Its hardworking design and built-in signal function make it an ideal choice for uncertain times, and its waterproof casing means it will continue to shine in inclement weather. By taking some time to prepare, you’ll rest easier knowing you and your family will have a light you can rely on during uncertain times.