Delivering Light When You Need It Most

In our modern society, sometimes our most basic needs can be overlooked and taken for granted. We enjoy the comfort and security that comes with having most of our needs met consistently. But it’s often the simplest things that are of the most importance. Light is one of those things, and if you’ve ever been without it, you certainly know what we mean. That’s why we designed the Personal Solar Light (PSL) so that you never have to be in the dark again.

Forget What You Think You Know About Solar Power

The first of its kind, this compact light source is a flashlight, lantern and signaling device that offers light wherever you are. Forget what you think you know about solar-powered lighting, and fumbling with batteries when the power goes out. The PSL offers up to a full 24 hours of light, and fully recharges with only a few hours of sunlight exposure. It’s an incredibly durable, portable and economical way to ensure you won’t ever be without a light source again.

Innovation With Passion And Purpose

In situations where the power goes out, or in a state of emergency, access to a dependable light source is critical for keeping you and your loved ones safe. With this passion the PSL team has innovated to create an eco-friendly lighting product that provides you and your family a greater sense of security.