Effectively capture, store, and use the sun’s energy for light power. A solar recharging console powers bright LED light. Compact enough to take anywhere.

On-Going Light Made Easy

One button toggles between 4 different modes – High, Medium, Low, Signaling Device. Enjoy the reassurance of having bright light at the tip of your fingers, without the need for external batteries or connections.

Your Go-To Light During Any Emergency Or Natural Disaster

It’s all about being prepared. That’s why, reliable as the sun, the PSL™ is the perfect addition to your emergency kit. Many smart planners like to keep one in the car, the home, and the office. Complete with a signaling function, the PSL™ can be the key to you and your family’s safety when a light source is critical for survival.

The Hiker and Camper’s New Best Friend

We’ve put the PSL™ to the test on the most rugged outdoor excursions – it shines every time. Whether on the trail, on the river, or at camp, the compact, lightweight (weighs 4.3 oz) PSL™ is made to light up your adventures under the stars for hours to come.

It Floats And It’s Waterproof

PSL™ overboard? Heavy rain or flooding? Not to worry. With its high-performance design, the PSL™ is the ideal choice to cast a light in any kind of weather and all watery situations. If you’re going to be up the creek, don’t forget to take a Personal Solar Light™